Announcement of Collaboration with DENSO Sales Thailand Co.,Ltd

Medikhana finally has come to an agreement of a collaboration with DENSO Sales Thailand Co., Ltd, a major automotive parts manufacturer, to comply with government regulations, and achieve a safe and high-quality supply chain for the production and supply of Cannabis products.

Cannabis production in Thailand is only allowed under strict regulations approved by the government, which requires production control, facility access control, and supply chain management on a leaf-by-leaf basis.

Medikhana and DENSO will combine their respective technologies to deliver safe and secure products to our customers through enhanced security of facility, efficient operation of our Cannabis Smart Farm, and advanced quality control.

[Introduction of Denso] 

DENSO is the automotive supplier with a global presence in 36 countries, providing advanced automotive technologies, systems, and products to automotive companies globally. The company has been engaging in a variety of businesses, including the production and sales of automotive components, as well as automatic recognition system, agricultural and factory automation businesses. In 1972, the company established DENSO Thailand Co., Ltd in Thailand, as of 2022, through nine production companies and one sales company, engaging in activities that lead to industrial development and social contribution.

Details of Collaboration

  1. DENSO is the company that has developed “Unique QR Code”. Moreover, the company has advanced technology in software as well as hardware for manufacturing components. Collaborating with DENSO would help us enhance the security and quality assurance of the cultivation zone and the entire factory through its authentication management and sensing technologies, combined with Medikhana’s tracking system based on blockchain technology. ※“QR Code” is registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED in Japan and other countries
  2. DENSO has factory automation technology based on IoT and provides work efficiency solutions in various fields. The company applies this solution not only in the industrial sector but also in the agricultural crop cultivation field to let us develop together to improve harvest yields, indoor environment management, and reduction of work hours.
  3. Medikhana started with the Cannabis business, which is gaining momentum in Southeast Asia, which lets us have an opportunity to expand into the Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) and Fah Talai Jone (Andrographis paniculata) markets, as well as the fruit and flower markets and various agricultural sectors. Medikhana will also work with a partner company, Pak Klong Market (or Yodpiman Flower Market), to establish a quality assurance system to improve and standardize the industry in this area. We are looking forward to working with you.


Medikhana is an agri-tech company headquartered in Singapore that provides support services in obtaining cannabis cultivation and seed import licenses, supply chain management and traceability systems using blockchain technology. Medikhana was founded by the Japanese, who stood up to solve the expected problems, such as using pesticides and other harmful agricultural chemicals. Moreover, offering the solution of buying/selling imitation products, spreading counterfeit products, and contamination of products by the illegal drugs in Southeast Asia following the relaxation of the cannabis laws in neighboring countries.

DENSO Sales Thailand Co., Ltd.との協業のお知らせ


Medikhana Co. Pte. Ltd.

弊社Medikhanaは自動車部品メーカー大手 株式会社デンソーのタイ事業所であるDENSO Sales Thailand Co., Ltd. と、カンナビスの生産~製品供給について、政府規制を遵守し、安全かつ高品質なサプライチェーンの実現を目的に協業を開始する運びとなりました。






  1. デンソーは ✳︎QRコード を開発した企業であり、部品製造のハードウェアだけでなくソフトウェアでも高い技術を持っています。そのデンソーが得意とする認証管理技術、センシング技術と、Medikhanaが使用するブロックチェーン技術を基盤としたトラッキングシステムを用いて、栽培エリアや工場全体のセキュリティの強化及び品質保証の強化を実施予定です。 ✳︎「QRコード」は(株)デンソーウェーブの登録商標です
  2. 同社は、IoTと連動したファクトリーオートメーション技術を有し、様々な分野での作業効率化ソリューションを提供されています。これらは産業分野だけでなく、農作物栽培分野への活用も進められており、収穫量向上、作業時間の削減、室内環境管理などに対してのソリューションを共創していきます。
  3. Medikhanaはデンソーと共創したソリューションを通じ、パーククローン市場等で取扱われるカンナビス関連商品の品質保証システムを確立し、業界の健全化、標準化を目指します。  ※パーククローン市場はMedikhanaのパートナー会社の1つであり、将来パーククローン市場内の他の農作物の品質保証にも広げていく予定です。


Medikhana Co. Pte. Ltd.