Reiwa obtained Hemp Growing License

Medikhana Group, Siam Reiwa (2020) Co., Ltd. or Reiwa, has obtained *Hemp Growing license [License#: บร 2/2564 (ป) ] from Ministry of Public Health in Thailand on August 10, 2021. Its achievement is the first Japan-based private company in Southeast Asia to obtain license for hemp. Reiwa will use its own import license to import seed and target the first crop trial in this year. Supported by Medikhana, Reiwa implements Blockchain technology to certify and secure products – aiming to “the most safest CBD products to use and consume in Southeast Asia.”

*Hemp is a botanical class of cannabis with Tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC) below 0.2% by law in Thailand.

Siam Reiwa (2020) Co., Ltd. :



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