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Medikhana provides quality assurance focused on agricultural industries by using blockchain, offers clients with cultivation technology using Japanese Agricultural IoT system, as well as supports clients to obtain cannabis related licenses for those looking for cannabis business establishment in Southeast Asia. In the meantime, Medikhana supports distributing and retailing of cannabis related products, grown and/or manufactured by clients.


Retrieve Physical and Mental Health

Medikhana aims to facilitate the creation of communities across the globe in which both the body and mind of each person is healthy, and everybody is prosperous, through the use of state-of-the-art technology, centered on supporting the medical cannabis business and selling CBD products.


  • 1. Illegally grown cannabis are potentially harm to body due to pesticides may be contained
  • 2. Consumers are at high risk in buying a fake product -dangerous chemical may be infused and sold as CBD products
  • 3. Missing regulatory standard could accelerate illegal activities in legal situations
    – Ex. distribution of counterfeit products

Solution 1 : CBD Standards

  • Stable and Speedy Supply
    Group supply chains is prepared and ready to eliminate intermediate margins.
  • Cost Competitiveness
    Land and labor costs are lower than in countries where cannabis cultivation is legalized.
  • High Quality
    State-of-the-art AgriTech, completely pesticide-free cultivation in a fully controlled environment, is promised.

Solution 2 : Blockchain & IoT

  • Blockchain
    Using blockchain as a tracking tool for the whole supply chain process. Processes are tracked from seed to distribution, increasing efficiency and transparency.
  • Internet of Things
    Fully controlled environment supported by AgriTech based on IoT.
  • Quality Assurance
    Each process is verified for compliance with standards and the elimination of pesticides.
  • Sales Improvement
    Consulting for data-driven sale – using accumulated data wisely to enhance income flow.

MedikhanaX Total Support

Medikhana has the first-mover advantage in its Japanese quality × CBD Business × Blockchain model. Our supported products are demonstrably of the best quality. The high-end Japanese facilities, equipment, and technology exceed international standards, and blockchain allows consumers to see for themselves that their products are of the highest quality and safe.

By using blockchain to establish an integrated business, from cannabis cultivation to manufacturing of CBD products, distribution, and sales, Medikhana improves the thoroughness and accuracy of the management and control of CBD products.
Use of blockchain creates transparency in a market that is rife with unethical operators.